Alexander is a passionate and versatile composer, arranger and pianist. Despite his young age, his fiery love for musical storytelling has taken him around the world, and acquired him a vast artistic experience. His recent projects include: A compilation of 50 short films, in which he scored, directed and wrote everything. “The Flame” – a musical, where Alexander directed and wrote both the libretto and the music. “The Blue Note” – A theatrical piece in which he wrote the script and a jazz score. “The Thief and the Kaleidoscope” – A concept album for big band and actor, where he played piano himself. In 2016 he was accepted at the prestigious Pulse College, where he is currently taking his masters in film scoring. His studies are supported by a large-scale scholarship from Norway.

Alexander was born in the very north of Norway. Growing up among magnificent mountains and huge forests provided perfect surroundings for a fantasy-obsessed kid. With games such as “Ocarina of Time” and “Majora’s Mask”, Alexander’s imagination turned automatically towards visual storytelling.


From early on he was deeply interested in music, having a father which was a professional guitar player, the house was always filled with music. Piano lessons started at the age of 8, and at 11, Alexander had written his first song. He also became part of a rock group in which he wrote enough material to cover several albums.

Another important milestone in Alexander’s artistic life occurred around this time: He watched the first Harry Potter film. The majestic and magic score by John Williams left him completely spellbound, and curved a path for later things to come.

Years later he became immersed with classical music, and practiced many hours every day. He took lessons with the renown pianist Sergej Osadchuk at the conservatory in Tromsø. By frequently encountering masterworks by Bach, Grieg, Chopin, Debussy and Ravel, Alexander’s musical taste broadened. Genre boundaries was eliminated, and a sincere appreciation for music from all kinds of periods and cultures developed.


At the age of 18, Alexander enrolled at the Conservatory in Tromsø. Here he studied Jazz piano and composition under pianist Jan Gunnar Hoff (Pat Metheny, Mike Stern etc), and saxophonist Fred Glesnes (Randy Brecker, Lisa Simone).

Aaroen Pedersen emerges as a pianist of considerable versatility and flair and he is clearly and interesting composer and musical mind to watch in the future” Hoff

Here, he developed his musicality even further, and got a chance to work with high caliber musicians and ensembles. Thanks to his hard work ethic and talent, in 2016 he was commissioned to write music for Tromsø Big Band. The band is comprised of top notch players which could do his music justice. He also wrote an opus with symphonic poems for the conservatory orchestra. The music was played at his bachelor exam, and he received the highest grade.



While finishing his studies at the conservatory, He has also completed the online” Composition for Film/TV” course at Berklee College of Music, with highest possible grade.

In 2016, he was commissioned by Arkhangelsk State Chamber Orchestra, a professional Russian orchestra, to write two pieces for the Arvid Hanssen-Festival in Norway.

For time being, Alexander is completing his master’s degree in film scoring, at the renown Pulse College in Dublin. His tutors include Conrad Pope (orchestrations Star Wars, Harry Potter, Indiana Jones etc), Christopher Young and Andy Hill. (Former VP of Music Production at Walt Disney Pictures)